ZZZ's Days - Part One

High! This is Mr. Z, the inaugural blogger and mastermind behind ZZZs Days - The blog.

Think of this as a weekly ensemble of education, anecdotes and humor relating to the magical miracle that is marijuana. We live in an exciting period of time in the long and extremely complicated history of cannabis. I’ll share recent legal, scientific, and social events related to POT. I will highlight current and historical heroes who have pioneered the culture and spirit of this plant and shared it with the outside world in a positively impactful way. I will tell stories and share experiences that are hopefully relatable, and can provide yet another voice to the chorus of chimneys that are out there.

ZZZs Days begins as a modest blog by an inexperienced blogger, but as they say: The only way to eat an elephant is to take the first bite. So, in that spirit, I invite you all along on what I hope is a long and winding road to being something. The spirit of the ZZZs Rolling Paper Company is truly good, and I hope we can share that spirit with as many people as possible.

What will this turn into? I’m too high to tell

See you next week, Mr. Z