About Us

What is ZZZ's?

ZZZ's is an art company. Our primary objective is to share the works of our amazingly talented independent artist partners with our customers through our products. Our artists each earn commission on each sale of products with their designs on it, whether that be rolling papers, clothing, or prints. While we differentiate our products by putting beautiful art on them and giving them a story, we also never compromise on quality.


The inspiration came from the natural synergy between cannabis and artwork. Both have the power to inspire deep thought, curiosity in something new, and creativity to think outside the box. Both can be used as a way to escape the hectic reality of our daily lives, and provide us with a level of comfort and peace that we so often need. Both are industries that sometimes find themselves on the fringes of our traditional society, but can be so core to our identities both personal and communal. Our artists embody this synergy as incredibly talented and creative artists, who also smoke from time to time. To celebrate this perfect match, each purchase you make benefits the artists who designed the packs you buy. That's why you bought ZZZs.

The ZZZ's Team at the Harvest Cup